Girls Tying Girls

A rare bit of kink in my life the day before yesterday: I was in the room when this little video was filmed. The woman tying is Himuro Eve; the model is Wakabayashi Miho. We were actually filming a Yukimura-ryu rope bondage “how to” and I was there to fill in with English instruction. Who doesn’t like watching two women together?

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Pony girl sneak peak


In a previous post, I promised to post excerpts of work in progress. This one is for Trent, who voted for pony girl content.

This is as yet unpublished work. Please protect my long hours of hard, lonely work by not posting any part of this chapter elsewhere, although you are welcome to link to this page. Hopefully people who might otherwise not find it will come and look and maybe go to the book page and buy some of my published work. Some, like Decade of Discipline and A Teacher’s Dispatch, are hard to find on Amazon because they’re labeled “adult.”

Here we go — hold on tight!

The Stable Girls of Maison Jolie

By Alice Liddell

Chapter One

The idea that made me the richest woman in Paris, or at least the richest woman in the Paris demimonde, came with a suddenness such as I had never before experienced . It struck towards the end of a meeting of my Board of Directeurs, which is to say a night with my lover and patron, the Marquis de Beaubourg. He was at my side, propped against the headboard with satin pillows at his back, contentedly smoking a pipe. At the time he wore nothing upon his superb body save riding boots and a long black cape. His magnificent prick was draped languidly along one muscled thigh having itself a well deserved rest.

“The stable!” I cried, so affected by this flash of inspiration that I struck the bed with my fist.

The resultant shaking of the mattress disturbed Colette, who had been fast asleep at our feet. She raised her head and blinked her big brown eyes sleepily before returning peacefully to her slumber, curling herself back around Angelique’s familiar body. That little pussy cat had not stirred in the least.

The Marquis turned his head towards me and studied my face with great seriousness. “You, my darling,” he said after some moments, “are the most beautiful and diabolical woman I have ever met.” He smiled and allowed his eyes to travel the length of my nude body before settling one hand affectionately between my legs.

It was difficult to tell whether this was in response to what I had just said or was simply a general declaration of his affection for me. The Marquis is a perceptive and highly intelligent man, and I think the world of him, but he is understandably not at the height of his mental acuity after a long night of fucking and hashish.

“I wonder if you heard me,” I pressed gently. “I have decided to use the stable for our expansion.”

He frowned slightly. “Do we have a stable?”

“Yes, of course. It’s part of the carriage house.”

“Ah,” he said, closing his hand so his middle finger was exactly atop the centre line of my still slick nether lips. I shifted my hips accommodatingly so his lovely long finger might slip right inside. He made an appreciative noise. Then continuing our conversation, he said, “I thought Cook lived out there.”

“She does, and my outdoor man, too,” I confirmed, unwilling to let the topic go despite his distracting ministrations. “But they live upstairs, in the quarters I had built for them last year. The area of which I now speak is on the ground floor. There is an open space big enough for two carriages, if carefully parked, and stalls for four or five horses.”

He closed his eyes and seemed to consider, although perhaps his attention was drifting elsewhere: with his middle finger planted firmly inside me, his thumb was now circling my pleasure pearl.

“Do I understand that you intend to refurbish the space in order to create a few boudoirs d’amour for our working girls?”

“We’ve run out of space in the house. I would never ask a girl to rush her art in order to turn a room faster, but neither should I like to keep a man waiting when he’s holding his prick in one hand and his wallet in the other.”

“Just so,” the Marquis said. His eyes were still closed. He had not ceased the delicious motion in which his thumb was engaged. It was becoming a tad difficult to keep my mind on business, but the Marquis continued the discussion unperturbed.

“Your clientele,” he cautioned, “may not take kindly to paying your usual prices for being entertained in a barn.”

“They shan’t pay my usual prices,” I said, unable now to keep a touch of triumph out of my voice, for we had come to the kernel of my plan. “They shall pay more.”

That got his attention nicely. For all his inherited money, the Marquis has a nose for business and nothing arouses him quite like a profitable scheme. He opened his eyes and withdrew his hand, and turned on his side to face me. He was now miraculously alert, his elbow on the bed, his chin propped in his palm, his blue eyes sparkling with pleasure.

“More, you say? Truly? Expound, my dear.”

So I laid out my plan, describing it in exquisite detail, for if there is anything at which I excel it is painting a pretty scene. I have always had an instinctive feel for what to put before a man’s eyes, and how to control that image to feed his arousal. It is one of the secrets of my success.

As I spoke I kept one eye on his member, taking careful observations. I noted exactly at which point it jerked awake, as well as which specific words brought on subsequent thickening and lengthening. Nothing in its response surprised me. It reacted exactly as I thought it should, and judging from its size and state by the time I had finished, my idea was not only sound but inspired.

It was time to wake the girls. I gave them each a good nudge with my foot and told them to come up the bed and get back to work. Colette woke with an appealing little yawn and crawled towards us on all fours, and it was a pleasure to watch the lovely roll of her haunches as she did so. She settled herself, as I instructed, between the Marquis’s legs. Angelique, meanwhile, wiggled up between mine, sighing contentedly as she slipped her small hands under me to cup my curves and draw my body closer to her sweet mouth.

Copyright Alice Liddell. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce or repost but linking is fine. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed it.

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Today’s excuse: Tied up in a bondage book


I’ve got the best excuses for not writing any new spanking/SM novels. Today’s is that I’ve been tied up, for months and months, in the publication of the Japanese version of an American’s book on the history of Japanese bondage. It’s now out as 緊縛の文化史 (Kinbaku no Bunka-shi) and can be ordered from Amazon Japan even if you live elsewhere in the world.

I helped author Master “K” with the research for the original book The Beauty of Kinbaku and have been involved in every stage of bringing the book out in Japanese. It’s been a roller-coaster ride but the book has been very well received in both the fetish and general market. We held events in mainstream bookstores like Kinokuniya in Tokyo and Ogaki in Kyoto, and went to a second printing just two weeks after the book was released.

Now that my work on the bondage book is done, I really do want to get back to writing. The question is which book to pick up?

The historical romance Sea Pilot’s Daughter? Or one of my half-written but as-yet-undiscussed WIPs (not “whips” –“works in progress!”):

1) a story about a large Victorian family with decidedly kinky ideas about marriage
2) a medical fetish story set in a Victorian days with a photography angle
3) a dark tale in the form of a Victorian erotic memoir
4) a Victorian brothel story with a pony-girl angle

Any votes? If you say “pretty please,” I’ll post a juicy excerpt from the one with the most votes.

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Just published: a very unusual spanking tale

I know I’ve been quiet, and I apologize for that, but things ARE happening behind the scenes. I’m at work on a number of new books. I just wish I could predict when I might publish any one of them. Late fall? End of the year? We can hope.

In the meantime, a discipline story I translated a number of years ago is newly available as a Kindle book on Amazon for $2.99. Please check out Peach Village by K. Taira. You probably know that name already, as he is the compiler of the famed internet Encyclopedia of Spanking Art, which I’m happy to say is back online after disappearing for more than a year due to server trouble.

Here’s part of the product description: “Set in feudal Japan, Peach Village is the story of a mountain village that communally tends a bounteous peach orchard that provides most of the income for the entire community. When prized fruit goes missing, the village headsman knows the thief must be from among his own people, hard as that is to believe. Hiding in the orchard at night, he spies a group of teenage girls in the act, but is able to catch and identify only one, the comely Osato. He is forced to punish her, for her own good as well as to set an example for the rest of the villagers, which he does strictly but fairly with the assistance of his second-in-command. But what about the girls who got away? Will Osato give them up? Will they get their well-deserved comeuppance?”

What’s particularly interesting about this story for discipline fans is that it includes descriptions of punishments that aren’t well known in the West, including the laying on of moxa (moxabustion) and bound public exposure. There’s even something that will remind you of the story of Lady Godiva!

Here’s a visual teaser that isn’t in the book:

I translated Peach Village because I think it’s interesting for Western readers to have a window into discipline in other cultures. I’m also at work on a translation of a story by a well-known female Japanese SM story author, Kayako Saeki, about a pain clinc that doesn’t treat pain — it administers it! The first part of the story is all about needle play, and is taking me WAY out of my comfort zone. It’s also giving me ideas I never had before! Stay tuned. Late fall? End of the year? We can hope!

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Get a good spanking, in Japan!

As if there weren’t enough reasons to visit to Japan — crazy vending machines, maid cafes — this video ought to convince you.

It was taken in a town called Asuka in Nara Prefecture, which was once home to the rulers of Japan and is replete with ancient culture like temples, shrines, and archeological sites. And then there is the annual Onda Matsuri festival celebrating the rice harvest and fertility.

One of the traditional customs at the festival is for men in devil masks to go around whipping the visitors’ backsides — men and women, boys and girls — with a big stick that is split at the end. Here, the camera follows a couple of them around, amid much hilarity.

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Back to work: “Sea Pilot’s Daughter”

It’s been almost a month since I published Straits Academy. That’s enough of a break so today I got back to writing.

My new project is to finish “Sea Pilot’s Daughter,” a historical romance set in 19th century Holland. I’m ashamed to admit that I started this story years ago, but despite the fact that the first four chapters were serialized on Bethany’s Woodshed, I never finished it. For this I deserve a really sound spanking.

Here’s a description:

What can a father do when his beautiful daughter stubbornly refuses all suitors? Very little until he realizes that he doesn’t have long to live. When Piet van der Molen makes one last attempt to arrange a match for his only daughter, Katarina, his choice reveals that he has some inkling of understanding about why she is so unwilling to give herself to a man. After his death, Katarina is still in mourning when a handsome, older English sea captain comes to pay his respects. While pushing Katarina to discuss her future, Captain John Bishop probes dangerously close to Katarina’s secrets. She throws up her defenses, but he is determined to win both the battle and the woman, even if it means turning her over his knee. This historical romance, set in 19th century Holland, offers rich period detail as well as hope that two people with unusual desires may in fact have a chance at true love and happiness.

My goal — and I’m stating it here publicly so you can hold me to it — is to get it published before the end of this year. Feel free to nag if you don’t get a promising update by the end of November.

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I rank…at least in Amazon’s new ‘Author Ranks’

On Oct. 9, Amazon announced its new “Author Rank” feature, still in beta, which the company says is the “definitive list of best-selling authors on Amazon.” I’m kind of excited to see that I’m currently ranked #83 in Erotica, and that the ranking page prominently features my newest book, Straits Academy. Straits hit the Amazon Top 100 rank this past weekend.

Sorry for the tiny photo — if you click on it, it gets bigger. (Why does that sound dirty?)

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